Sofia Hyatt was hospitalized in the UK for an intense hunger strike, here is what happened

Author: Yuvi July 1, 2022

Sofia Hyatt was hospitalized in the UK for an intense hunger strike, here is what happened

New Delhi: Actress, model and former ‘Bigg Boss’ contestant Sophia Hayat was admitted to the hospital due to low salt levels in her body and suffered severe health problems. The former actress, who quit showbiz to embrace spirituality in 2016, went on a fast when her body salt dropped below dangerous levels. According to reports, he was rushed to the hospital after fainting. According to reports, the actress experienced tremors and fainting while observing the fast.

Sofia Hyatt, currently in the UK, was given five packets of salt and later resuscitated. Fasting was part of his spiritual training and his health deteriorated as a result of unforeseen events. He is currently being discharged from the hospital and is currently recovering.


Bigg Boss 7 fame Sofia Hayat has been hospitalized in England

Sofia told ETimes about the incident, “I was doing body cleansing exercises through fasting, did anime. I think I lost a lot of salt and electrolytes from the body during the cleansing process. The levels dropped dangerously. I asked. The nurse took me five pockets of salt and that kind of me. So, this condition took me to the hospital, my heart was having fun, I was trembling, I talked to my friend from the hospital, he was a healer, it was fine. ”

Sofia added, “Finally I had to break the fast. I had to eat food and listen to my body. My body didn’t want to fast this time. But I don’t know why my health was affected this time. Every time I did it in the past – the last time. In 2014, I was fine.

The model joked about how expensive hospital fees are in the UK. “One of the first things they put on my face when I was in the hospital was Bill. Thank God I have medical insurance here in the UK. Although the bill is very expensive, it can actually resurrect people!” She said.

Actress-model Sophia Hayat describes her medical setback

Sophia followed fasting as a spiritual practice. However, this time the fasting procedure did not suit her and she was admitted to the hospital. IANS quoted him as saying, “I am alone, my family is not with me. I need love as the doctor said my life is in danger. I have also fasted before. It has helped me to meet previous births and realize that God is all around me. Positive Energies help me move forward fast. “

On Wednesday evening, she shared a health update on her Instagram story. Sophia said she is fine now and is no longer fasting.

Sofia Hayat was accused of having a night out with Abhinav Shukla

Sofia Hyatt was a contestant on the show ‘Big Boss 7’ and entered the show as a wild card entry. However, he was expelled in the 12th week of the show. In June 2021, Sofia was accused by a giant of having a ‘one-night stand’ with TV actor Abhinav Shukla. However, ‘until I google him’ closed the giant that I do not know the actor.

Sophia Hayat hosted the show ‘Superdude’ and appeared in ‘Welcome: Baazi Mehman Nawazi Ki’ and ‘Comedy Nights Bachao’.

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