Solwig Gould is proud to be wife of ‘cancelled’ Princeton professor

Author: Yuvi July 1, 2022

Solwig Gould is proud to be wife of 'cancelled' Princeton professor

And when Dr. Katz lost her job, Ms. Gould immediately published an essay about their relationship in Common Sense, a newspaper run by Bari Weiss, a former writer and editor for The New York Times’ opinion department. was. (“My alma mater isn’t the school I once loved,” was part of the title. “But Joshua Katz is exactly the man I knew I married.”)

“She is young at heart, and I am an old soul, and it works,” Ms. Gould later said.

While he is not yet a national player, he has long envisioned this possibility. When Ms. Gould was named the winner of the Payne Award, one of Princeton’s highest undergraduate honors, Dr. Katz (they were not in a relationship at the time) was one of her nominees, with the official announcement stating that she aspires to become a public intellectual. (She had a major debut. Ms. Gould and her grandfather, Robert W. Jenson, a Lutheran theologian, wrote a book, “Conversations with Poppy About God,” when she was just 8 years old.)

As her guests were about to arrive, Ms. Gould changed from a plain blue summer shift to a more glamorous cinch-waisted yellow dress, drawing an approval smile from her husband, who was wearing a pink linen shirt.

She set the long rectangular table right in the grass, with a wengewood-blue-and-white tablecloth, cloth napkins tied in yellow ribbons, cards inked in a neat hand, and melamine dishes in a Provençal design. As the only child of an actress and a soap opera writer, she said she was taught formal etiquette from an early age. “My mom organized a lot of dinner parties, and I ended up talking to adults,” Ms. Gould said.

Dr. Katz was her professor in two classes, Egyptology and Hesiod, and her new advisor, but there was no romance in sight, he said, until the summer of 2017, his graduation year, and then it was slow burning. Also, as a Democrat and comfortably middle-aged man, he was not her type.

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