Smart phone for 100 people: Sir, you have gone somewhere! Actor Sonu Sood has given a free smartphone to 100 cinema workers.

Author: Nishu January 7, 2021

Sonu Sood is the villain actor in Tamil cinema. But, he is a hero for something on an Indian scale. He lives among the people to the extent of worshiping the god with his idol. Lockdown was born across the country last March due to Corona. From then until today he has been helping as many poor, simple people as he can.

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From then until today he has been helping as many poor, simple people as he can.
During the Corona period he helped by giving his hotel room to everyone who worked day and night as doctors and nurses to relax. In addition, migrant workers were provided with buses to travel to their hometowns.
In addition, he provided medical facilities for medical students from Tamil Nadu stranded in Russia to return to their hometowns. He has provided educational assistance to poor and simple students, free mobile phone, set up a tower, tractor facility for farmers and many other things.

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Corona has given jobs to those who lost their jobs due to the lockdown. Sonu Sood, who has been doing a lot of helping like this, is starring in Chiranjeevi’s Acharya. Lightman, who works on the shooting of the film, has bought free mobile phones for 100 people, including workers and drivers. It is noteworthy that the cinema workers are pleasantly surprised by this immense act of Sonu Suit.

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7 January, 2021, 11:45 pm

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Thursday, 7th January 2021

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