Speaking on the struggles in Bollywood, Isha Gupta said, ‘We still believe in justice …’

Author: Yuvi June 26, 2022 Speaking on the struggles in Bollywood, Isha Gupta said, 'We still believe in justice ...'

New Delhi: Bollywood actress Isha Gupta recently made her acting debut in Bobby Deol’s ‘Ashram’ season 3. He has never strayed from his bold and handsome figure and fans love him. He never allows negative comments or trolls and treats fans with his gorgeous pictures online.

Isha has never regretted the lack of opportunities, failures and setbacks in the films, starring in gray roles. He respects any role he is given and has done his best for it. He is always confident in his look, color and Indian features. In a recent interview with ETimes, he spoke openly about the distinction between red and dull colors in the Bollywood industry and among audiences.

There was a lot of conversation about color, and there was a comment on the show that she was asked if you have an advantage if you are red. Is there any point in her life when she feels insecure for your skin color?

To which he replied, “It once happened in a brand deal, it was really my and my ex-agency’s fault. We did not read the agreement properly that the products were not whitening and brightening. If I put cucumbers on me. .But the brand decided to sue me because I was not ready to support their skin whitening products .That’s when we realized we’re here.

He added, “Some Indians have a tendency to think like white supremacists. Americans are fighting against it. White supremacy means that those of dark complexion or dark skin should be slaves because the righteous think that God created them. Those who should rule.”

“India’s problem is also very old. We still have fair skin, beautiful women are beautiful and fair and we hope it will go their way. That’s what we show in our advertisements. You put on the cream, the guy will accept you. .Who would not want to marry you? Get that dream job.But when you take your Indian skin color, without make-up, with your real rough and bulky hair, it’s totally Indian.Everywhere abroad, in Europe and there people will say that you are the most beautiful woman we have ever seen. You understand that there is a place for everyone throughout, “he concluded.

At work, Isha Gupta last starred with Anupam Kher in ‘One Day’. Also, he was in Sri Bro’s ‘Pooha’ song. Recently, Bobby Deol made headlines with his stellar performance in ‘Ek Pathanam Ashram Season 3’.

Author: Yuvi

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26 June, 2022, 6:57 pm

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Sunday, 26th June 2022

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