Is our Vijay TV stand up comedian Erode Mahesh the wife of hundreds of heroines?

Author: Nishu January 17, 2021

Stand Up Comedian Erode Mahesh is a popular TV personality who has appeared on Sun TV.
Truth be told, a lot of people today know what stand up comedy is only through Erode Mahesh. The best teacher + speaker who pulls everyone to his page in his comedy and literary speech.

He went from Sun TV to Vijay TV and has taken on many incarnations as a stand-up comedian, presenter, referee and actor. There is a tragedy in the life of Erode Mahesh who climbs on stage and makes us all laugh.

We can watch and listen to the comedies made by Judge Erode Mahesh who is going to be mixed. Laugh out loud or maybe even get up and go that this guy is going to moan. But Erode Mahesh’s mother can not even hear what her son Mahesh is saying. Erode Mahesh’s mother has never heard his voice since he was born.

In this case, the photo of him with his wife has gone viral on the social networking site. Many do not know that Mahesh has such a beautiful wife.

17 January, 2021, 11:31 pm

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Sunday, 17th January 2021

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