Style your hair at home with these 10 easy and trendy hairstyles

Author: Yuvi March 27, 2023 Style your hair at home with these 10 easy and trendy hairstyles

Summer Hairstyles: It’s a fool’s errand to believe how important a woman’s hair is in determining her overall look. Whether you have naturally curly hair, waves or completely straight hair, there’s nothing quite like the shine and sleek look that comes from smoothing hair with a straightening iron.

Check out some great hairstyles by Vibul Sudasama, Creative Director of Iconic Professional.


Move one section of the head from ear to ear, starting at the section directly behind and moving horizontally through the sections until you reach the top of the head. Never accept a piece wider than the plate. Comb after applying heat protectant spray. When using a hair straightener pull the comb evenly and gently from root to tip. Squeeze the sides a little to smooth them out.

Chaotic beach waves

Move your forehead away from the blade and make a wide vertical cut. With the base of the hair styler pointing up, start near the root and twist in a 360-degree motion. Let’s start at the top at the cheekbone level. When you’re done, rough it up, but rub the waves with your fingertips to keep them messy and tousled. For a matte finish, use salt spray or dry shampoo.

Vintage waves

For look 2, follow the same procedures, but do not induce ripples. To unify the stem as a unit, separate the dressing or paddle brush with shine spray and then brush the stem.

Glamor Curls

This is a great way to get a blow dryer. To raise the route, start at the route and rotate the styler 360 degrees to draw it. After fixing the hair, harden it. Lower it and give the paddle stroke one more time.

Crimped waves

Create a random braid in one section of hair, leaving 12 inches of root resistance. Lightly mist the hairspray before allowing it to dry. The braid should be flat, lifted several times and allowed to settle. Put a finger through each braid to untangle.

Shiny ponytail

Sort the hair down or in the middle. Straighten as you do your hair. Tilt your head back, brush your hair and tie a ribbon around it. To create a chic flick at the tip, rotate random sections of hair 180 degrees in various directions around the styler. To give glossy stems a double texture, matte them with a sea salt spray.

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Start by taking a small, horizontal section of your straight hair. Using a small clip, thread the hair through the S-shaped styler starting near the root. Tighten the hair in position. For the best finger wave, give the corners a twist. For a faux bob, lightly brush your hair with a paddle brush and pin both ends up and down.

Grungy curves

The styler should be positioned at the eye line, held at a 45-degree angle, and cross-braided across a substantial, unruly vertical section of hair. After tightening the hair, rotate the hair styler 180 degrees in the opposite direction, then leave it for another second. Then, bring the hair down 2 inches and repeat the process. Repeating it will give a messy look at the ends of the hair. To give the hair a dirty texture, rub the ends and massage the roots. For a matte finish, use dry shampoo or sea salt spray.

Soft retro curls

Note the straight part. Determines the circumference of the curl. From the tip upwards, roll the hair around two fingers. Pull the last hair out by pushing it between your fingertips. Protect it while cooling with the help of a hair straightener. Repeat for other areas. With your finger, loosen it and then smooth it.

Extreme beachy waves on long hair

Are you ready for a two-minute life-changing hack? Twist the hair into two sections before turning down the heat on the curling irons to give the curls a beautiful beach texture. You can braid your hair and then set the curls with a flat iron.

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