Sushmita Sen’s brother Rajeev has accused his wife Charu of hiding his first marriage

Author: Yuvi July 1, 2022

Sushmita Sen's brother Rajeev has accused his wife Charu of hiding his first marriage

New Delhi: In a shocking twist in TV actress Charu Asoba and Rajiv Sen’s married life, Sushmita Sen’s brother says he never told her about his first marriage. Much has been speculated about the couple over the past few months and it seems like their married life is on the rocks.

Charu Asoba told the Times of India, “I do not want to talk about the problems in our marriage, but I have to talk about it now because Rajiv has been spreading lies about me and tarnishing my reputation. Yes. We have taken the legal way to end the marriage. I have started the process.”

Responding to Rajiv’s allegations, Charu said, “He says he did not know about my first marriage! Rajiv accused me of being a bad mother because he did not appreciate what was being said in the media. Nasser Lake says. Caste High.

He added, “I stopped working because Rajiv was not interested in working. I told him that leaving the job for a while would solve our problems. But, it did not happen. I gave Rajiv many opportunities, but I just finished. He was not available to us. Ek sans tede tede kata bar gaya hai, but think about gianna now.can not get out of this situation.there is nothing left in this marriage it has affected me badly and affected my health.I loved him truly but realized that he is not the man I loved, it It hurts a lot. ”

Rajiv said in the same release, “Lack of trust and communication, ego conflicts, child-like fights and much more …” He adds, “Practically no one in his hometown of Bikaner knows about his first marriage. It was a secret hidden from us.” So, it’s a shock to me, it’s a shock to me … I’m been married for three years and I have no clue. I understand that this is her past, but she should have told me.

He added, “Whatever Charu is today, it’s because of his mother, who has been a strong supporter since his struggling days as an actor in Mumbai. I hope sentiment prevails and gives his mother the respect she deserves.”

Actress Sushmita Sen’s brother Rajeev and TV actress Charu tied the knot in a lavish wedding ceremony in Goa in June 2019. Charu has worked in several TV shows including Devon Ke Dev… Mahadev, Akle Janam Mohe Bidiya Hi. Kijo, Love by Chance, Paul Veer, Karn Sanghini and Mere Angne Mein in various prominent projects on television.

Charu and Rajiv Sen welcomed a baby girl on November 1, 2021.

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