Sushmita Sen’s most amazing moments from the universe of ‘Arya’ to celebrate her birthday

Author: Yuvi November 19, 2022

New Delhi: Popular actress Sushmita Sen is celebrating her birthday with a remarkable performance in the film industry, proving how age makes you better. A versatile actor and universal beauty, she has left an indelible mark on Indian entertainment that grows deeper every year.

His popular Disney+ blockbuster crime thriller, Arya, bears proof of this. The series saw her transform from a loving motherly figure as Arya Sareen to a crime lord who knows how to play dirty in the underworld. On the occasion of his birthday, here are six iconic moments from Season 1 and Season 2 of the internationally acclaimed series on Disney+ Hotstar that made viewers love the actor’s incredible performance even more:

Arya talks to her parents about Tej’s murder

A cold and shocking conflict erupts when Arya discovers that her parents are behind her husband’s murder. Arya’s parents justify their actions, saying they were protecting the family, but the scene serves as a life lesson. It shows how you tend to trust people who often betray you.

Tejin assures his children during the funeral rites

Tej’s funeral took place at his favorite lake where Arya and her children performed his last rites. This scene is very symbolic because it also shows that single mothers can become the backbone of their family in any situation, even after going to hell and coming back. This moment belongs to Arya and Sushmita Sen’s acting dominance as she finally brings justice to her husband’s killers and is now ready to move on.

Seeking answers from his imprisoned brother

Arya never let petty things hold her back. When she is denied a personal meeting with her brother Sangram following Tej’s death, she meets him with other prisoners’ families in hope. Sushmita Sen, calm and collected despite the unfamiliar landscape, perfectly embodies Arya’s mission to dig into the background of Tej’s death in this death.

Panje Nikalo Shareni Ki Tara

Sankaram told Arya in their conversation while going to the poppy garden. A little bit of dialogue prompts Arya to be ready to tap into her raw side. Where does this refer to the analogy of a tiger? She is most dangerous when she is threatened and cornered.

When Arya fearlessly rejects ACP Khan

For most people, walking into a police station to investigate a murder can be a tense situation. However, Arya Sareen, a true Sherni, doesn’t even bat an eyelid when ACP Khan asks her why she killed her nemesis Shekhawat. Sushmita Sen, “Kya proof hai apke pass?” While saying that quietly, he powerfully portrays Arya’s fear and utter hopelessness.

Arya’s court witness who saves Sankaram

Having learned from her father to protect her family at all costs, Arya finds herself at a crossroads between what is right and protecting her family. Arya is forced to return to India to testify in a drug-trafficking trial involving her family. But in the courtroom, she feels helpless as she struggles to decide between her family and what is right. Sushmita Sen brilliantly captures Arya’s conundrum with her immaculate performance.

Aru talks to Aari after returning home

Sushmita Sen became a single mother at the age of 24 when she adopted Renee and Alisa. In the show, she embraces single parenthood after the death of her husband and the mothers of her children. This is where his real life mirrors his reel life. With Sushmita’s relationship ups and downs, her dynamics with her daughters would have changed. The scene between Aaru and Arya reveals the extreme portrayal of a mother and how she never abandons her children under any circumstances. Sushmita delivered this scene with elegance because she lived it all her life.

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Saturday, 19th November 2022

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