Sutliyan Web Series: Shiv Pandit Shares The Real Reason Why You Shouldn’t Skip It!

Author: Yuvi March 4, 2022

New Delhi: Shiv Pandit, who plays a pivotal role in the upcoming Zee5 special web series ‘Sutliyan’ which aims to start a conversation about the new age family and the relationship between older adults and their parents, said that Individualistic lifestyles and “pretty much” attachment to the virtual world have replaced the little joy of family togetherness.

The plot of the series centers around a widow and her three children, who leave their home due to their higher education and high-profile jobs, and who only reunite when their father dies and their The property should be divided among the siblings.

Shiv Pandit opened up about why one shouldn’t miss Sutliyan on ZEE5, the actor said, “Sutliyan’s USP is that it is a very positive family-oriented show that explores the dynamics of the family which has to be taken into account. Usually explored as much exaggerated on Indian television, the show K. Sutliyan offers a very realistic approach to the dynamics and complexities of the family that a family faces – a family dealing with Covid, struggles , loses his father and how they are adopting each other as the family belongs to a small area of ​​Bhopal, from here every child has moved out to the shakha and moved to the cities thus living in the city. The mother is now adopting the changing mindset of the children.”

He further added, “It is primarily a show about bonding, adaptability, a realistic approach to family dynamics. If this show takes you away from your family dynamic in any way, it is a massive one for Sutliyan. The whole family can watch a show like this as it touches on the issues which often go unsaid in the family and perhaps through Sutliyan, families will be able to explore their complexities and issues they are facing with their family. face inside.”

The show ‘Sutliyan’ also featuring – Vivaan Shah, Plabita Borthakur, Ayesha Raza – is releasing on 4th March exclusively on Zee5

4 March, 2022, 12:44 pm

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Friday, 4th March 2022

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