The problem that erupted for Commander Vijay and Prakashraj – no talk till today!

Author: Nishu January 8, 2021 cinema-news-hub-actor-vijay

The fan base for Commander Vijay is unimaginable. His fans have put so much affection on him that they give their lives for him. That’s not only because of the mass he shows on screen but also because of the good things he does in his real life. He will come and give a voice to his fans and his Tamil people if anything.

Currently, it has been officially announced that the master film starring Commander Vijay will be released in Pongal as it is ready.

Journalist and actor Chitra Lakshmanan has spoken on the popular YouTube channel about the rift between Vijay and Prakashraj. In it, Vijay and Prakash Raj acted in many films. Then Prakashraj asked Vijay for a date to act in his production company Duet Movies banner and Vijay also agreed to act. But after that he left the film because something did not suit Vijay. Because of this the two still have no word on each other.

8 January, 2021, 12:03 pm

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Friday, 8th January 2021

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