The Fame Game Series review: Madhuri Dixit’s OTT debut is an absolute delight

Author: Yuvi February 25, 2022

The Fame Game series review: Madhuri Dixit's OTT debut is an absolute delight

Where to watch: Netflix

Director: Bejoy Nambiar, Karishma Kohli

Cast: Madhuri Dixit, Sanjay Kapoor, Manav Kaul, Suhasini Mulay, Laxveer Singh Saran, Muskan Jaffrey, Rajshree Deshpande, Gagan Arora

Rating: 3/5

Every year thousands of people disappear without any explanation, and most of them disappear. However, it is a completely different matter when the missing person is a celebrity.

Between the period of the missing person’s disappearance and re-emergence, there is much speculation, foul play is always taken into account, but not all are fortunate enough to reappear among the living.

Many, however, don’t actually disappear in the first place; For them, celebrity life is a bit too much to bear.

Thus, at the very beginning, the title of the series is a satire in itself. Whatever the suspense or aura of the show, in the back of your mind, you know its premise is just an attention-grabbing tactic.

This review is based on the first six episodes of the series.

Anamika Anand (Madhuri Dixit) is a famous actress in the last phase of her career. Her husband, Nikhil More (Sanjay Kapoor), is producing a film with her in the lead role.

Mid-production, they realize that the film is not shaping up to their expectations, and thus they cast Manish Khanna (Manav Kaul), a superstar whose on-screen chemistry with Anamika is evident to the audience. Is.

But just before the release of the film, Anamika Anand disappears.

Narrated in a non-linear manner, the series begins with Anamika Anand missing for 48 hours and police officer Shobha Trivedi investigating the case. In the course of the investigation, we learn of Anamika’s fading popularity, her dysfunctional family and the resurrection of the long abandoned Manish Khanna in her life.

In the second episode, Anamika disappears four days ago and uncovers the events that happened six months back. Filled with flashbacks and moments of guilt and joy, we hear Anamika tell her daughter Amara (Muskan Jaffrey), “Fame is not glamour, fame is dangerous, and you don’t know how to deal with people.” To do.”

The statement is stuffed too easily but is dismissed in the natural course of conversation when his daughter tells him that she wants to follow in her mother’s footsteps to stardom.

Episodes three and four reveal events that happened five months earlier. Here the narrative moves at a slow pace, and you find the pace of the narrative slow.

But in the sixth episode, a disorienting statement like “Ab hogi hamari film hit” from a carefree Nikhil, you become a disinterested bystander because by then time merges and you are no longer interested in co-correlating the two events. Huh. months ago with the present.

In addition, there are issues to take the narrative forward: Anamika’s sensitive son Avinash (Lakshvir Singh Saran), the crazy and determined fan Madhav (Gagan Arora) – who is an orphan, PK’s hideous film financier, Billy, Anamika’s makeup artist, who worked with him for 15 years.

Apart from the Marathi tinge in the dialogues, the dialogues and scenes appear peppy and forced in most parts of the series. Also, in the sixth episode, the scene related to the personal life of the investigating officer Shobha Trivedi is inappropriate.

Overall, with a smattering of production values, the series is attractive due to the performances of its ace cast, all of whom are slightly above average. None of them add any nuance to their characters.

But the spotlight is naturally on Madhuri Dixit, who makes her debut on the OTT platform. With his distinctive charismatic demeanor and dance sequences that one has not seen often on the big screen, he is sure to delight his fans.

Laxveer Singh Saran, Muskan Jaffrey and Gagan Arora are honest and promising among the youth.

25 February, 2022, 5:31 pm

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Friday, 25th February 2022

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