‘The Music Man’ was missed as Hugh Jackman tested Covit positive for the second time.

Author: Yuvi June 14, 2022 'The Music Man' was missed as Hugh Jackman tested Covit positive for the second time.

New Delhi: Actor Hugh Jackman has tested positive for Govind-19 for the second time. Actor Max Clayton is scheduled to play the waiting role in ‘The Music Man’, so he is missing out on acting.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Clayton will play Professor Harold Hill alongside Sutton Foster at all of Meredith Wilson’s comedy shows from June 14-21.

Producer Kate Horton said in a statement, “Again, waiting and Understood saves tomorrow, in this case, it helps Max Clayton’s recovery.” “We are delighted to see him work with the wonderful Sutton Foster and wish Hugh a speedy recovery,” he added.

On Instagram, Jackman shared a video in which he said, “I tested Kovit in frustration. Again. My wait, the amazingly talented @maxmclayton will step in for me. The most annoying thing is, I can not see him. Acting! I repeat … Maxi and all the waiting, swings and understudies around the world, you’re the real heroes of the theater.

His diagnosis came a day after he attended the Tony Awards, for which he was nominated for his role in ‘The Music Man’.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Jackman first tested positive in December 2021, and within days Foster missed The Music Man’s performances due to a breakthrough case. At the time, Jackman described his symptoms as ‘mucus-like’, ‘throat itching and a slight runny nose’. Several performances were canceled before the actor returned to the stage.

Meanwhile, ‘The Music Man’ was directed by four-time Tony Award winner Jerry Jacks, with Tony Award winner Warren Carlyle’s choreography.

Author: Yuvi

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14 June, 2022, 10:17 am

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Tuesday, 14th June 2022

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