This Ukrainian tennis player who defeated Roger Federer to take up arms in the Russian war

Author: Yuvi February 26, 2022 THIS Ukraine tennis player who beat Roger Federer to take up arms in Russia war

Sergei Stakhovsky was on vacation when he received news that his country Ukraine was attacked by Russia. He is currently busy relocating his family to Hungary after which he will do what he has never done before: help his country fight off the invaders.

He is the same Stakhovsky who ended his record run of 36 consecutive Grand Slam quarterfinals by defeating eight-time winner and defending champion Roger Federer in the second round of the 2013 Wimbledon Championships.

The 36-year-old had retired from professional tennis a few weeks back. He was enjoying his retirement but now he wants to fight for his country.

“Of course I will fight, that’s the only reason I’m trying to come back. I signed up for the reserve last week. I don’t have military experience but I have experience with guns personally,” he said. Was quoted as saying on Sky News.

Stakhovsky, born in Kiev, urged the people of the world to stand in solidarity with Ukraine and to speak up for his people and fight with them.

He said, “It makes a world of difference to our armed forces that they are not alone, at least in the media environment, but let’s be realistic here, it’s been eight years of war with Russia, all that for eight years.” where was

“None of us believed this could happen, and yet it happened.

“None of the European leaders or the world is ready to help, perhaps ready to fight in Ukraine for a better Europe in the future, because once Ukraine is lost, we will protest.”

26 February, 2022, 8:48 pm

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Saturday, 26th February 2022

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