Triple Season 3: ‘Sidwan has evolved in his relationships’ – Amol Parashar

Author: Yuvi June 9, 2022 Tripling Season 3: ‘Chitvan has evolved in his relationships’ reveals Amol Parashar

New Delhi: TVF’s most popular OTT series ‘Triple’ is back with Season 3. The show has been a success since its inception and depicts the unique bond between the three siblings. The film, starring Sumeet Vyas, Manvi Kakru and Amol Parashar, explored not only siblings but also some domestic beauty of India. From Gujarat, Sikkim, Jaipur and Kolkata, the show has traveled across the country and visitors are eager to know where the road trip goes next. But Amol Parashar wants to keep the mystery alive, and without further ado, says, “This time, we’ll be in the mountains.”

“Over the past two seasons, viewers have been able to see Chandan, Sanchal and Sidhan evolve and mature over time, not only in their relationships, but also as individuals. And in the third season, Amol promises that there will be further evolution of these characters.” The idea is to give them something new while completing it, ”he says.

Amol shares about his character, “With Sidwan, people expect madness. He was different in season two compared to the first installment. [Here], He matures, but in his own different way. I have grown physically, mentally and emotionally as an actor. Similarly, Sidhan evolved in his relationships, revealing his usual traits. “

Since triplet is a cult classic, there are already big expectations for the third season, but Amol believes, but the responsibility for carrying those expectations rests with writers Sumeet Vyas, Abbas Talal, Gopal Tiwari and Chris George. “I am not involved in writing. Sumit and Arunap took care. Most of the time, during the scripting phase they asked me to join the jamming sessions, but I did not want to get into it. But whenever I get a suggestion, I express my opinion, ”he says.

Amol says the team spent 25 days filming for the third season of Tripling in early 2022, and that reuniting with the show’s entire crew felt like work and a happy reunion. “We were filming together after three years. Life no longer gives you luxury, talk often [due to the pandemic]. But we had the excuse to go on a road trip with season three all together, ”he reveals. It’s a road trip, the audience can not wait to start, and the depiction of Amol’s experience has made that wait even more exciting.

Author: Yuvi

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9 June, 2022, 1:58 pm

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