TV actors ranging from Asif Sheikh to Yogesh Tripathi are revealing their career choices

Author: Yuvi June 22, 2022

New Delhi: TV actors have big responsibilities because they expect their fans to see the same character anew every day. & TV artists have won the hearts of their fans for many years with their extraordinary acting skills. Now, they have opened up and revealed some interesting details about their career choices. The list includes ‘& TV’ artists like Asif Sheikh (Vibudhi Narayan Misra, Babiji Kar Bar Hai), Danish Akhtar Saifi (Nandi, Paul Shiv), Yogesh Tripathi (Daroga Habbu Singh, Habbu Ki Ultan Baltan) and Pawan Singh (Zafar Ali). Mirza, aur bai kia sal raha hai?).

On & TV’s Baal Shiv, Danish Akhtar Saifi’s sister Nandi shares, “Before I started my acting career, I trained with Great Khali for wrestling championships. I admired all the international wrestlers who competed in the WWE and wanted to be like them. I wanted to be a wrestler myself. He put me under intense training and strict discipline for years. I usually tell people that wrestling is my first love and acting is my last (laughs).

Pawan Singh or Jaber Ali Mirza on TV’s Aur Bai Kyasal Raha Hai? The quote said, “My early years were full of color and imagination. My profession has always been art, and I have received many compliments. I feel refreshed and happy when I have the color palette and brush. I believe in form.I never thought I would have to continue as an actor before this. . ”

Yogesh Tripathi of Daroga Hubbu Singh on & TV’s Hubbu Ki Ultan Baltan said, “Most of my family members work in the education sector and are teachers in the school. And if I had not chosen to be an actor, I would have become a teacher. Teaching is always in my blood. My family always wants me to join the teaching profession. It was one of the most honorable jobs, but I was more interested in acting and drama, and it was my good fortune that my family supported me in choosing my career. I feel grateful for putting forward the best blow.

Last but not least, & Asif Shaikh as Vibudhi Narayan Misra has no intention of starring in TV’s Babiji Kar Kar Hai. “I have always had a desire to play cricket. My father worked in the Indian Railways, where we stayed. This big cricket ground was in front of my house, where I first learned the game. My interest in cricket increased when I was six. In sixth grade, I did not practice professional cricket. Although, I’ve won many trophies and championships at the high school level, and for my school, I’ve even competed nationally! ‘ It’s satisfying. But now I’m a full – time actor.

See Paul Shiv at 8:00 pm, Aur Boy Kya Sal Raha Hai? 9:30 pm, Habbu Ki Ultan Baltan at 10:00 pm, and Babiji Kar Bar Hai at 10:30 pm, every Monday to Friday & on TV only!

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Wednesday, 22nd June 2022

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