TV actress Sara Khan breaks silence on critics and controversies, excited for ‘Lock Up’!

Author: Yuvi March 5, 2022 TV actress Sara Khan breaks her silence on critics and controversies, excited for 'Lock Upp'!

Mumbai: Famous television actress Sara Khan says it didn’t take her even a minute to decide to join the reality show “Lock Up” when she was offered it.

She says: “When I was offered the show, I didn’t think of anything but just took it.”

The actress has been in the limelight after her stint in ‘Bigg Boss 4’ in 2010 as she married Ali Merchant during the show. However, after the end of the show, the two parted ways. She claims that her main objective is to bring truth to the show and wants people to know her for her work.

“I am defined by some controversies that happened a long time ago. It is said that I make my own controversies to be famous. I just wanted to tell them that this is not true, my work in the last 16 years What defines me, and that is who I am,” she added.

Talking about how he prepared himself to join the show and live without basic amenities.

She replies: “It’s a different experience and I’m pretty sure I’ll learn something that will stay with me forever, so I’m very excited. There’s no strategy as we’ve never seen a show like this. Us One should know what the basic facilities are. We can’t do anything. We can do anything if we want.”

Talking about how the media is eager to make his life controversial, he said: “Even though I am not comfortable discussing my personal life, the media gets involved and makes it worse, So it’s best that I just talk about it.”

The actress hopes that she will get to learn a lot in the show.

“Usually, in daily soaps and web series, you don’t get experiences that I am sure will happen in this show. But of course, I will miss my parents and my dog, Cheeku,” she concluded.

5 March, 2022, 1:06 pm

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Saturday, 5th March 2022

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