UK tribunal upholds majority ruling against Meta’s Giphy deal

Author: Nishu June 15, 2022 UK tribunal upholds majority ruling against Meta's Giphy deal

The UK Competition and Markets Authority last year ordered Meta to sell Giphy

The UK Competition and Markets Authority last year ordered Meta to sell Giphy

Meta Platforms won an appeal against Britain to block the acquisition of Giphy on a single procedural basis, but the country’s Competition Appeals Tribunal (CAT) backed the regulator’s finding that the deal could hurt competition.

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Britain’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) last year ordered Meta to sell animated images platform Giphy, which it has sold for $400 million, due to its concerns about potential competitor losses in advertising and the potential impact on social media rivals. was achieved in

CAIT said on Tuesday that the CMA had “properly failed to consult” and had “wrongly contributed to its decision”, adding that the parties should identify how and when the question of remittances can be determined. .

It unanimously dismissed six other grounds of appeal.

CMA chief executive Andrea Coselli welcomed what he said was “great support” of its approach to review mergers that could harm innovation.

“Innovation is an important part of the competitive process, especially in digital markets,” he said. “We also welcome the Tribunal’s support of the ‘care and careful consideration’ given to the issue by the Independent Investigative Group in this case.”

A META spokesperson said: “Today’s decision found that the CMA’s approach to its investigation was ‘difficult to defend’ and ‘undermines the entirety of the decision’.”

“We strongly believe that our investment will enhance Giphy’s product for the millions of people, businesses and partners who use it.”

The CMA said the effect of winning the appeal on a meta-based basis would be determined in due course.

CAT may choose to set aside the entire decision and send the matter back to the CMA for re-examination. According to a source familiar with Meta’s thinking, the CMA could then jump to the same conclusion and restrict the deal, but only after due consultation on the material withheld before Meta.

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15 June, 2022, 12:15 pm

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Wednesday, 15th June 2022

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