Vicky Kaushal ‘Doctor Weird …,’ Look!

Author: Yuvi June 25, 2022 Vicky Kaushal 'Doctor Weird ...,' Look!

New Delhi: There is no doubt that the Marvel Cinematic Universe has a huge fan base in India, but with the return of Stephen Strange in Doctor’s Strange Multiverse of Madness on Disney + Hotstar, a new Bollywood super fan has emerged. After praising the Karthik Aryan film, now actor Vicky Kaushal will be captivated with the terrifying descriptions of the film starring Benedict Cumberbatch.

Describing his views on the film, VK said, “Dr. Strange in the Multiverses of Madness is a genre of insanity of many genres, fan theories and interpretations, and a variety of films! It’s eye-opening .It’s my favorite Marvel movie .I’m also very fond of Benedict Cumberbatch and his work.

He urged fans and new audiences to watch the latest Marvel movie and said he was going to watch it a second time.

‘Doctor Strange in the Multiverses of Madness’, directed by Sam Rimi, is a sequel to 2016’s Doctor Strange, which introduced Benedict Cumberbatch as Stephen Strange or Doctor Strange. In the film, Dr. Strange’s new adventure begins when Cumberbatch meets America’s Xochitl Gómez, a unique young man who can open doors from one universe to another. Following is a wild, captivating adventure that sends Dr. Strange and his associates on a perilous journey to alternate universes in the Multiverse.

Along with Benedict Cumberbatch and Xochitl Gomez, the Marvel film features a cast of actors including Elizabeth Olson, Civetal Aegofer, Benedict Wong, Sheila Atom, Michael Stoolpark and Rachel McAdams.

See ‘Doctor Strange in the Multiverses of Madness’ only on Disney + Hotstar in English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam.

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