Weekly Tarot Card Reading: Horoscope from February 27 to March 5

Author: Yuvi February 27, 2022 Weekly Tarot Card Readings: Horoscope from February 27 to March 5


Your relationship with your partner will strengthen and your relationship will be even stronger. If your relationship has been challenging, you will feel that things are getting better and better understood. You will spend more time together and have more fun. At work, your ideas will be well received and rewarded. You may also get a job offer or promotion. Any assignment or project related to teamwork will be beneficial.


This week has brought opportunities related to work and career, but it is associated with confusion. Evaluate the options, advantages and disadvantages before making a choice. There may be a job offer or opportunity in an existing role; There will be opportunities to earn money but be careful before making any investment. You will get emotional and financial support from your partner. Maintain balance in your relationship by giving in to your partner’s feelings and reciprocating.


If things have been challenging in the recent past, you will feel that the balance has been restored; There will be harmony in work and relationships. Personal ties are strong and you will be kind and generous with friends, family and colleagues. There are opportunities for financial growth and investment. Money is coming your way in the form of bonuses or promotions, but you will have to put in more effort and more effort.


It is time to turn your dreams into reality, manifest your goals and realize your potential. Advance your financial or career goals, but at the same time, achieving your desire will require hard work, dedication and commitment. There will be happiness and contentment in love. Love is on its way for singles. This week has brought a new work opportunity or a new idea. You will witness progress in your career. You can get promotion, bonus or new job.


This week you need to give time and attention to your relationship and family. Someone in the family will need extra attention and care. Be more kind and considerate towards your spouse. You will be full of confidence at work, and your initiative and project will flourish. You will get the support of the people around you. You will be happy to celebrate your achievements with others. Try to work as a team and collaboratively.


Achievements will happen, projects will grow, and your achievements will be acknowledged and rewarded. A promotion or bonus may come your way. This is an excellent time to start a new business or take up a new job. Your relationship with your partner will be deeper and more meaningful. This is a great time for single people to meet people. It can also indicate someone from your past coming back into your life to rekindle a relationship.


You will resolve and overcome past difficulties and enter a phase of harmony and happiness. You will enter a degree of peace and calm, leaving an unhappy or stressful situation. An emotional conflict is about to end, and it is time for reconciliation. A negative attitude can affect the situation in your work or organization. Your current job may not give you the satisfaction you want. Beware of deception or fraud in business.


Your hard work will pay off. Useful information related to job, contract or property is coming in your hand. Be ready to take action when the opportunity arises. People around you will be supportive and help you achieve your goals. In love, you will spend more time understanding your partner better. Joint investment will be fruitful. Singles can meet potential mates through work or at workplace.


It’s time to indulge a little and treat yourself. For some marriage is on the cards. At this time, if you start something new or start any new venture with your partner, it will reap benefits and bring material benefits. Things will move in the right direction this week in the workplace. There may be an essential partnership or joint venture business. Also, there may be an essential career, job or business decision that you will take.


Couples, your relationship will get stronger, but you need to add more passion and enthusiasm to your relationship. You will spend time together, and travel for leisure is likely. At work, stick to your plan and stay on course even if it seems complicated at the moment. Keep working hard to achieve your goal in spite of opposition and distractions. Define your priorities at work and channel your energy where it will work best.


The obstacles coming in your relationship will be removed, due to which you will be able to strengthen your love further. Influenced by past events, it is time for good things to come from the past. You will reconnect with old friends and distant family members. Be ready to express love, and your feelings will be avenged. Success will come and you will move forward with focus and determination. Be prepared to take charge and control things at work. As long as you stay focused, you will be successful in your endeavor.


May this week bring stability and deep commitment to your relationship. However, don’t be possessive or controlling as it may hurt your partner’s feelings. Be supportive of your partner. You will establish a strong position at the workplace and display leadership qualities. If you are thinking of starting a business then now is the time to move ahead. Do not be hasty in terms of money and be careful about expenditure. Don’t trust others too much.

(These tarot card predictions are made by Chhavi Upadhyay, a Delhi-based, intuitive tarot practitioner and consultant)

27 February, 2022, 6:00 am

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