When Deepika Padukone was advised to get a breast implant at the age of 18, the actress told ‘worst advice’

Author: Yuvi February 28, 2022 Did you know Deepika Padukone was advised to get breast implants at 18? Actress calls it 'worst advice'

New Delhi: In a recent interview, Deepika Padukone spoke about the worst and best advice she has received in her entire career. The ‘Grehayaan’ star revealed that the worst advice she got was to get a breast implant when she was 18.

Deepika said she had the wisdom to ignore that advice and not take it seriously. For the best advice, he got none other than Shah Rukh Khan, who told him: ‘Always work with people you know are going to have a good time with you.’

Talking about the same, she told Filmfare, “Shah Rukh (Khan) gives good advice and I have got a lot from him. One of the most valuable advice I got from him was to always work with people you know. Have a good time with it, because when you’re making a movie you’re also living life, making memories and creating experiences. The worst advice I ever got was that Get breast implants. I was 18 and I often wonder how I had the knowledge not to take it seriously.”

Deepika had gone to her home in Bengaluru over the weekend to celebrate the success of her latest film ‘Ghehraiyaan’.

Her nuanced and layered portrayal of Alisha in Shakun Batra’s coming-of-age film received rave reviews from audiences and critics alike. She stood out and many stole the show by saying that no one could play the kind of character she did.

While he has been flooded with calls since the film itself, the superstar mentioned that the most touching response came from his family, noting that the issue of anxiety and mental health was extremely personal.

28 February, 2022, 6:58 pm

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Monday, 28th February 2022

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