Working with Bozum in Masum is a comforting experience: Upasana Singh

Author: Yuvi June 13, 2022 Working with Boman Irani in Masoom was 'comforting experience': Upasana Singh

New Delhi: In search of a daughter who will reveal the truth, who will she trust when her family wants to hide the truth in the guise of love and protection? After topping the charts with some fantastic thriller shows, Disney + Hotstar is ready for a boxing match with another mind-blowing psychological thriller ‘Masoom’.

Set in Falauli, Punjab, the series reveals untold truths that obscure the life of the Kapoor family, where the dynamics of complex relationships change with time and ambition. In a six-episode series set to release on June 17, the digital series debut of immortal talented actor Boman Irani and rising star Samara Tijori will show another side of the coin of a complex father-daughter relationship.

Actors always express that acting is a journey of a lifetime in which they constantly develop their craft. Sometimes an actor has opportunities to work with like-minded artists who share tips that are convenient for them, which helps to give them a star-studded performance.

A similar incident happened with Upasana Singh during the filming of Disney + Hotstar’s ‘Masoom’ while working with Boman Irani. He shared in his own words the experience of working with his talented fellow actor.

Upasana Singh, “What can I say about Boman ji. He is a handsome, good natured and down-to-earth man. He is a very talented actor to work with, very comfortable. I don’t think it would have been comfortable for me to work with someone else, I was able to do all my shots because he made it so easy and friendly. You’ll see that chemistry every time you watch a show, we can not say we are not husband-wife. But I really enjoyed working with him. There are very few actors I feel very comfortable with.

‘Masum’ by Hotstar Specials, directed by Mihir Desai and Helm as Gurmeet Singh Shoran, is the Indian version of the award-winning Irish series Blood in which explores family relationships and the frustration after losing a loved one. Dreamers & Tours Co., a premium content studio owned by Reliance Entertainment. The show is produced under the banner. Leading actors include Manjari Fatnis, Veer Rajwant Singh, Upasana Singh and Manurishi Satta. The series also features a soulful soundtrack composed by renowned Anand Bhaskar Collective.

Use Disney + Hotstar to find Kapoor’s story on June 17, 2022.

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