Come on come on – the KGF2 trailer released amid heavy anticipation

Author: Nishu November 23, 2021

KGF is a blockbuster film that will make the world look back at Kannada cinema. Yash played the role of Rocky Boy in the film written and directed by Prasanth Nil. The youngsters used to put this as the background music for the videos they take, including the verses and the background music of Tick Tock. Without the mass bgm, the mother would put the sentimental dialogue and spread the word by ticking.

The film was dubbed into Telugu, Malayalam, Tamil and Hindi and was a huge success. Not only did it gross Rs 76 crore in 4 days, it also became the highest grossing film in the history of Kannada cinema. Following the release of the second part of the film, a trailer has been released.

Sanjay Dutt joins the film in a more frantic way in the second part. The film, which will be made in Kannada cinema for the first time at a cost of Rs 100 crore, will be dubbed in Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil and Telugu. The youngsters who were ticking the verse of the KGF movie have now started watching the trailer of the second part and starting to sound the same verse. It is also worth mentioning that Prakashraj will be playing the role of Anand Nag, who narrates the history of KGF in the first part.

Fans who watched the trailer for the second part of KGF are left scattering retail in delight

23 November, 2021, 12:21 am

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Tuesday, 23rd November 2021

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