Yoga Day Special: & TV Artists Express Their Love for Yoga!

Author: Yuvi June 21, 2022 Yoga Day Special: & TV Artists Express Their Love for Yoga!

New Delhi: Indian sages have considered yoga to be one of the most effective methods for making a connection between body and mind since ancient times. Every year on June 21st, International Yoga Day is celebrated to showcase its value and how it brings comfort to the human body.

On this Yoga Day, & TV artists Aur Bai Kiya Sal Raha Hai? In Farhana Fatima (Shanti Misra) and Babiji Karbar Hai’s Asif Sheikh (Vibudhi Misra) reveal why they practice yoga and how it helps them mentally, spiritually and physically. .

& Farhana Fatehma, Shanti Misra on TV’s Aur Boy Kyasal Raha Hai? He shared, “Yoga has allowed me to explore more healthy ways of responding to negative emotions. It has helped me to overcome life’s difficult struggles with ease and is the ultimate tool that has always helped me to remain confident and focused. I started doing yoga to become a better performer. I start my daily routine with asanas, pranayama, meditation, mantra, etc. Yoga is a very organic and productive way to comfort my mind and body. On this Yoga Day, I ask everyone to add some yoga to their life for their emotional, physical and mental well-being. ” Congratulations. ”

Asif Sheikh and Vibudhi Narayan Misra shared on TV & # 39; There are times when I need to be alone and quiet. Yoga, meditation and everything is a terrific healthy medicine for me. Yoga has taught me a new approach to being mentally and physically attractive as an actor. I make long trips every day, so I make the most of my hours with yoga and meditation in the car. When I am set, I like to do the padmasana and sit in the lotus position for a few minutes to help with digestion. Yoga helps me in every way, and all of my fans want to do yoga to stay physically and mentally healthy.

See Paul Shiv at 8:00 pm, Aur Boy Kya Sal Raha Hai? 9:30 pm, Habbu Ki Ultan Baltan at 10:00 pm, and Babiji Kar Bar Hai at 10:30 pm, every Monday to Friday & on TV only!

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Tuesday, 21st June 2022

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