Zeenat Aman is taking the internet by storm with her Saturday glam look, check it out

Author: Yuvi March 18, 2023 Zeenat Aman is taking the internet by storm with her Saturday glam look, check it out

New Delhi: Veteran actress Zeenat Aman has shared a throwback picture from 1977 to promote “evening plans” for Saturday.

On Instagram, Zeenat shared a monochrome picture of herself dressed in a plunging neckline. In the picture, she can be seen combing her hair.

She shared the picture with the caption: “Some Saturdays to inspire your evening plans! I saw this picture of me on the internet and thought it would be good to add some context.

“In 1977, the cast and crew of Krishna Shah’s Shalimar gathered at the Turf Club in Mumbai for the film’s ‘Mahurat.'” It was a packed, classy event, and everyone was dressed to the nines.

“My famous costume designer Mani Rabadi created my famous silver gown based on my own design. Its plunging neckline and elegant silhouette definitely turned a few heads. In fact, Mani sewed me into the gown.”

Zeenath added: “We had a number of international actors in attendance that day, including Gina Lolloprigida. She backed out of the production amid rumors that we had locked horns. British actor Rex Harrison was not at the event, but he did attend. The film. One day of shooting, he told me – ‘ I had a good laugh and said, ‘I want to marry a pretty girl like you right away.'” And for the record, I think that’s a terrible reason to get married.

“Shalimar didn’t dazzle the audience, but it was a thrilling adventure. We shot the film in both English and Hindi, shooting each scene twice.”

On the work front, Zeenat Aman will soon make her OTT debut with the web series ‘Showstopper’.

Author: Yuvi

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18 March, 2023, 6:20 pm

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Saturday, 18th March 2023

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